Special Events

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Lessons and Carols

December 19 at 4PM

December 24

Christmas Eve 

6:30 pm Carols

7:00 pm Service

Christmas Day

10:00 am 

no music



The church is open for Sunday Worship

social-distancing and mask-wearing should be observed inside the building.

Our Sunday worship is in the Church.  For these fall months, we will continue to hold just the one Service at 10:00am.  Another change has to do with the liturgy.  Bishop Shannon is allowing parishes to offer Holy Communion albeit with the same restrictions in place as was for Easter and Pentecost for us.  This means that on the Sundays we have a priest  Holy Communion will be offered in pre-packaged individual "Kits" that contain a wafer and plastic cup of wine.  Instructions for how to receive will be given during the Service.    St. Luke's is making every effort to allow for air-flow during the Service however social-distancing and mask-wearing should still be observed inside the building.  

On Sundays that we do not have a priest, Morning Prayer will be led by a Lay Leader.