We will begin in-person outdoor Services this coming Sunday, the 16th.  St. Luke's will offer both 8:30am and the 10am Services.  Our worship together will be limited to 30 minutes and will be a modified Morning Prayer Rite I (8am) and Rite II (10am) liturgy that will include Sunday's Readings and a homily given by me.  If the weather indicates rain, Services will be canceled.

 I would like to reiterate our invitation to NOT join us on Sunday if you are not feeling well or feel unsafe and insecure about being in proximity with others.  We will certainly be following all the safety and health guidelines to help ensure a safe experience for all but because we are human beings, we cannot guarantee 100% safety.

That said, St. Luke's invites you to come and participate.  Masks must be worn at all times while on the St. Luke's property (no exceptions).  Our set-up team which includes our "health officers" will ensure that spacing is 6 ft. per person or couple.  Extra masks and  hand sanitizers will be on hand for those who needing them.  We will also have a notebook for "tracking" purposes which records the name, the date, and time of Service in case an issue arises and this information is needed.  

A note for those not planning on coming Sunday:  the weekly E-Blasts will continue as usual.  Also I will continue to provide the Readings plus my written Homily for you.  You are every bit a part of our community and our desire is not to exclude anyone these days of the lingering COVID-19 pandemic--

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