Adult Mid-Week Study 

Study via Zoom will begin on Wednesday, the 24th of February at 10:30am


As I was looking for a Lenten Study this year, I came across the book,  Blessed is She:  Living Lent with Mary by Timothy Perry.  I was personally struck by the more feminine perspective of the Lenten  journey as traveled and experienced by the mother of Jesus, Mary.  This book will reveal to us Mary's part in Jesus' last days on earth and into His resurrection after death.  


Taken heavily from Luke's Gospel, our Study will be divided into each week of Lent.  Each chapter includes questions for us to ponder and to think about as we explore Mary's complex character that invites us as disciples of Christ to join with her on the Lenten Road.  This book can be ordered from the website: and also through Amazon. 


Our hour-long Study via Zoom will begin on Wednesday, the 24th of February at 10:30am.  As the time nears, I will provide you with information on how to join the Zoom link.  I am hoping many of you will choose to participate as a part of your Lenten discipline this year.  Please invite your friends to join us as well.


About the author:


Timothy Perry is an Anglican professor of theology at Providence College in Ontario, Canada.  Professor Perry specializes in the development of the history of Marian doctrinal development for Protestant communities of faith. 



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