Lay Ministries 


An acolyte assists the celebrant to lead the worship of God. Lights the candles. Rings the Bell before the service and carries the cross in the processional and recessional. Receives the communion elements. Receives the Offering. He or she also assists the celebrant in preparing for, and finishing the communion service.



Ushers meet and greet all worshipers to the service handing out bulletins. Before the end of "Prayers of the People", an usher  alerts the Sunday School that it is time to come up for the Peace. During the Offering they present the Elements to the Altar,  pass the collection plate, and bring it to the Altar. During the Holy Communion ushers assist the congregation to and from the Altar as necessary.  At announcement  time, the Usher brings the back microphone to the person making an announcement and instructs the person to go to the front facing the congregation. There is no license required for this lay ministry.



Lectors (or Lay Readers as they are sometimes called) are persons who are assigned and trained by the Rector to read the appointed Scriptures for the day. The Ministry of the Lector is to proclaim the Word of God by reading from both the Old and New Testament at church services throughout the year. The term is from the Latin, “to read.” There is no license required for this lay ministry.


Prayers of the People:

The "Prayers of the People" using the appointed form for the season from the Book of Common Prayer, are read by an assigned lay minister, using the hand held microphone at the back of the church. There is no license required for this lay ministry.

Eucharistic Minister/Chalice Bearer:

The person assigned as Chalice Bearer, follows the ushers to the altar during the Offertory, secures the gate at the altar rail, and serves the wine once the celebrant has given the host to each person receiving the Eucharist. A license is required for this lay ministry.

Eucharistic Visitor:

This is a lay person who takes Communion to those sick or otherwise unable to attend church due to health reasons, or to those who request it. A license is required for this lay ministry.

Worship Leader:

A person who leads a non-eucharistic service (i.e. Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer or Compline.) A license is required for this lay ministry.


Coffee Hour Host/Hostesses:

Prior to the service, prepares coffee and sets up buffet table in Willard Hall for the coffee hour that follows the 10 a.m. service. Coffee & supplies are provided. Host/Hostess is responsible for bringing a fruit, cheese & crackers, a baked good (i.e. cookies, coffee cake muffins or the like) juice, and half & half and for clean up.