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Outreach at St. Luke's

St.Luke’s continues to give a generous amount of its pledge and plate income to local, national and international charities.
The St. Luke’s collects food for our local Chester-Andover Family Centre Food Shelf each week. There is a drop off box to accept your donations located at the rear of the church near the font.
Due to the recent Covid pandemic, the Vermont Foodbank severely restrict its use of volunteers to help sort and stack donations to its food supply. As a result, St. Luke’s volunteers have been unable to assist at the Foodbank in Brattleboro, but hopefully this volunteer opportunity will resume again very shortly.
It should be noted that St. Luke’s donations for outreach always extends well beyond what the designated outreach budget funds reflect. For example, PINS (Partner’s in Service) is funded by individual contributions by St. Luke’s members. Although the pandemic limited some of the PINS activities we were still able to assemble and deliver more than 50 back-to-school backpacks to the Springfield Dept. of Children & Family Services that were then distributed by the social workers to foster kids or children in crisis.
The Wreath Decorating Workshop has been held each year  (with the necessary health precautions for Covid-19 in place). It raised funds for the Chester Conservation Committee to provide 2 half, Youth  Environmental Camp Scholarships. This year, 2022, it is scheduled for November 17, 18 and 19.  All the details may be found here.
We invite anyone to join the Outreach Committee.
We welcome fresh ideas for the committee and suggestions of worthy organizations to support.

Below is a list of some of the many organizations that St. Luke's support.

Local Organizations

1.     Chester/Andover Family Center

2.     Habitat for Humanity

3.     Vermont Foodbank

4.     Chester Volunteer Rescue Squad

5.     Meals on Wheels

6.     The Rector's Emergency Fund

7.     Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad

8.     Chester Conservation Committee

9.     Neighbourhood Connections

Chester's Public

Safety building

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