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Sunday Services at 10 AM.

Sunday Eucharistic services take place at 10 AM and a zoom option is usually available. If there is a programme change, it will be published here and on the church calendar. For the Sunday morning zoom link please contact 

The 10:00 AM service is generally followed by 'Coffee Hour' in Willard Hall. Please join us. 

Wednesday Services at 5:30 PM.

Wednesday Eucharistic services are in person, lasting about 30 minutes, and take place in Willard Hall.


If you are new to the area, or wish to be added to our monthly newsletter 'Light in the Shadows' (but commonly known as LITS) please email your request for information to or phone the church at (802) 875-6000 and leave us a message along with your name and phone number.

Sunday, February 5th: St. Luke's Annual General Meeting
At about 11AM, immediately following the 10AM service

This annual meeting will be held in Willard Hall starting immediately after the conclusion of the Sunday morning service. There will the usual coffee hour but the likelihood is that there will a little extra food and drink before the meeting begins. 

Please read The Annual Report before the meeting so that we may move on to other matters without delay. However, if you questions or concerns from the Annual Report, please do not hesitate to raise them at the appropriate time.

The agenda for the meeting is posted alongside.

The Lunch Bunch is presently reading

'Hallelujah Anyway' by Anne Lamott

One reviewer writes:

"The premise of this book is the author's views on what a challenge it is for humans to have mercy and forgiveness toward others. Anne Lamontt says she's always trying to improve the way she thinks and tells many details of her life in this short book. It's double-spaced so it's a shorter read than it looks."

We would love to have you join us on Mondays, at noon, by Zoom.

Contact us here.

St. Luke's Prayer Chain

If you, or anyone you know, would welcome prayers on their behalf,  please let any member of the telephone Prayer Chain listed below know.


Marti Assenza (802) 289-2582

Marjorie Carey (802) 875-4235

Lynda Farmer (802) 885-2641

Janice Fielder (802) 885-4688

Janet & Rick Hunter (802) 886-2304

Belinda Whipple-Worth (802) 282-7129

Lillian & David Willis (802) 875-1340


Whomever receives your call will alert the next alphabetical name on the list to start the prayer chain and will reveal as many health details as you wish them to know about to pinpoint all our prayers.

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