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St. Luke's Mission Statement
"St. Luke's is an intentional Christian community, deepening faith and broadening love"
St. Luke's Vision Statement

St. Luke's Church is a diverse community of followers of the Way on a journey of discovery, seeking what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the 21st century.

•  We seek to be a community where God's gift of hospitality, of welcome and love,           is freely given to all and any, within and beyond St. Luke's.

•  We seek to be a community where a joyful levity is cultivated, made known, to and for     all weighed down by the loss and gravity of life.

•  We seek to be a community where a real unity exists which embraces our
    differences; where us replaces them, and connections replace divisions.

•  We seek to be a community where trust in God, and of each other, replaces fear;
    where with the Spirit’s unfailing help, we are raised above our own limitations and
    those created by others.

(Approved by St. Luke's Vestry, November 16, 2011)