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St. Luke's Vision Statement

St. Luke's Church is a diverse community of followers of the Way on a journey of discovery, seeking what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the 21st century.

•  We seek to be a community where God's gift of hospitality, of welcome and love, is freely given to all and any, within and beyond St. Luke's.

•  We seek to be a community where a joyful levity is cultivated, made known, to and for all weighed down by the loss and gravity of life.


•  We seek to be a community where a real unity exists which embraces our differences; where us replaces them, and connections replace divisions.


•  We seek to be a community where trust in God, and of each other, replaces fear; where with the Spirit’s unfailing help, we are raised above our own limitations and those created by others.

(Approved by St. Luke's Vestry, November 16, 2011)

St. Luke's Mission Statement
"St. Luke's is an intentional Christian community, deepening faith and broadening love"

A. As an intentional Christian community…

1. We will come together week by week for corporate worship; and to work, pray, and give for the spread of the Kingdom of God.” (1979 BCP)

2. We will seek God’s plan for our lives through a daily reading of the Bible and a time in listening prayer.

3. We will develop awareness of the gifts God has given us for ministry.

4. We will ask God to direct us to those who need Him

B. to deepen our faith…

A. We will worship weekly in and pray regularly for the community of faith.

B. We will participate regularly in a small group for Christian sharing, study and prayer.

C. We will return to the Lord through St. Luke’s and other Christian organizations a definite share of the resources the Lord has made available to us, 10% being recognized as the traditional goal to strive for.

D. We will equip ourselves for and exercise faithfully the particular ministries to which God calls us within the fellowship of this church and the world.

C. to broaden our love…

1. We will let God speak through our words and actions in love and charity.

2. We will pray daily for those in need and for those who do not yet know God.

3. We will invite and introduce others to the community of faith.

4. We will present Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, in such ways that persons may be led to believe in Him  as Savior and follow him as Lord in the fellowship of the church. (Archbishop William Temple)

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