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We live our lives believing in:

A. The abundant love of God shown in creation;

B. The example of Jesus’ love, which commits us to speak hard truths and take bold action;

C. The Power of the Holy Spirit to stir up curiosity, creativity and fortitude for growth and transformation.


In the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, we place our trust in God, finding new ways to serve, worship, care for creation and foster conciliation and reconciliation across our state.


We seek to:

A. Take anti-racist actions;

B. Work toward environmental sustainability;

C. Develop vital, collaborative, economically sustainable congregations and leaders in our churches and diocesan institutions.


A. We commit to standing with the marginalized so that we may transform systems for racial justice and work toward the radical inclusion of all.

B. We care for God’s creation, dedicating ourselves to protecting the environment in a region that has much to protect.

C. We strive for economic justice within our own institutions and the wider community.

The way

Realizing our mission will depend on communication, collaboration and participation from all congregations, institutions and individual Episcopalians as we pray, worship, give, learn, discern and serve. Each of our communities is unique, with its own interests, challenges, and gifts. We honor our individuality and shared identity as Episcopalians in Vermont and commit our congregations to working together to strengthen our collective witness.

A Prayer for Discernment for the Future of the Diocese of Vermont


Gracious and loving God of transformation and discovery, we give thanks that you call us to be your people in this time and in this place.

As you call us into deeper and uncertain waters, “to step out of the boat and go closer to Jesus,” we give thanks for the experience, gifts and skills of our diocesan household represented by the Task Force for Hope, Revitalization, Innovation, Vision, and Efficiency (THRIVE). Bless their efforts as they rally and shepherd us in our common work.

We pray for open hearts and minds, for clear vision, and for never-ending reliance on your abundant and creative goodness.

We pray for inspiration and guidance from your Holy Spirit, knowing that your power working in us can accomplish far more than we can ask or imagine.

All this, we pray, in Jesus’ name.



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