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St. Luke's S. S. Hamill Organ


8 Open Diapason Bass 24 pipes

8 Open Diapason Treble 32 pipes 

8 Stopped Diapason Bass 17 pipes 

8 Melodia (tenor F) 39  pipes

8 Dulciana (tenor F)39 pipes

4 Principal Bass 17 pipes

4 Principal Treble 39 pipes

4 Chimney Flute 56 pipes

2 Fifteenth 56 pipes

8 Bassoon 24 pipes

8 Oboe Treble 32 pipes



*16 Subbass

 Manual to Pedal

*Subbass stop on Hitch Down Pedal

Our wonderful S. S. Hamill organ was built for St. Luke's Episcopal Church in 1870. It stands in a corner at the left of the chancel, the front facing across the nave of the church. The case, of simple gothic design has three flats of decorated Diapason pipes.


The instrument was removed in June of 2006 and restoration work commenced. As the instrument was dismantled we discovered that several changes had been made to the instrument after it left the Hamill factory, perhaps as early as during its installation or within a few years thereafter. There was irrefutable evidence that the windchest had been altered to extend the compass of several ranks. The bass of the Dulciana stop had been drilled and tubed over to the Stopped Diapason Bass so that it would play without the necessity of drawing the Stopped Diapason Bass stop knob. The Chimney Flute and the Oboe where also drilled to extend the compass from the original tenor F configuration down to low C. The added pipework appeared to be from the Hamill workshops but the quality of mitering work on the added Oboe resonators necessary to fit them on the chest was exceedingly poor, suggesting that the work was done on site by the local talent not skilled in pipe making.

Reinstallation of the mechanical systems began at the end of August, while the remaining work of refitting the rescaled pipework to the toeboards and restoration of voicing was completed. Within a few weeks most of the organ was complete, with the Oboe to follow in early November following a comprehensive rebuilding and voicing of the stop.

The instrument was rededicated on December 2, 2006 with a recital given by Christian Huebner.

The organ pipes viewed from rear, with the swell shades removed.
The information above
was taken from this article written by Russell & Company, Pipe Organ Builders
60 Atcherson Hollow Rd,
Chester, VT 05143
New Melodia pipe in historic style made from 105 year old pine.
Original stenciling on facade Diapasons with view to the enclosed pipes behind, swell shades removed.
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