2019 Stewardship Campaign 

A Time of Inward Reflection

Stewardship is personal. I don’t mean that in “none of your business” way.  I mean it can, or perhaps should be, a time of inward reflection.  A time to ask those questions of ourselves.  What have I been given?  What have I given ?  Who has helped me along the way ?  Who has been there for me?  How fortunate am I ?  Am I in need, or in need of giving?

     As a Vestry member I have an opportunity each month to be updated on various ministries at St. Luke’s. During the Focus Presentations we hear from those who work behind the scenes to deliver the work (or word).  We hear reports on Communications, Worship Committee, Music, Altar Guild, Christian Education, Fellowship and Outreach, to name a few.  Each of these “updates” makes one realize how much time and talent is given to St. Luke’s.  It also makes one realize, by supporting St. Luke’s how much my personal gift, be it time or money, is multiplied by the efforts of others. Most, if not all, of these ministries have a budget to work within and those responsible are careful to make the best use of the funds available.

     As it has been said in the past we are fortunate for the gifts of those past and present for the support that has been given to St. Luke’s.  Whether it is with time, monies in the form of pledges, one time gifts, or memorial funds we have been blessed.  On recent gift, of a sizable amount, came with a simple note enclosed saying “thanks for all that you do”.   

     So as each of us “get personal” with our individual act of stewardship let us be mindful of “all that we do”. —John DesLauriers, Treasurer

Thank you all for your timely and generous response to our budget needs for 2019.

To send a gift or donation:  

Make your check payable to:  

St. Luke’s Church with a memo, 

“2019 Stewardship Campaign.” 

Mail it to:

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Attn: Pledge Treasurer

P.O. Box 8,  Chester, Vt  05143

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