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To Every Thing There is a Season

Dear Parishioners, Friends and People of St. Luke’s,

Always multitasking. I’m watching PBS while I compose this Stewardship letter tonight. You know how PBS puts on a musical fundraiser every Friday night after all the heavy national, world and local news and analysis? Russia bombing Ukraine, a former President to be subpoenaed, floods in various countries, uprising in Iran over oppressive religious rule. This week it’s “Folk Revival.” Judy Collins, The Kingston Trio, Tommy and Dickie Smothers (still doing their silly routine). Oldies but goodies!

Mr. Tambourine Man. Where have all the Flowers Gone?

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind.
To Every Thing There is a Season.

TJ Lubinsky, the host and creator of these nostalgic shows, says of this music that it encouraged us to “change to make the world better.” For myself, that is true. This music gave words and focus to my inner belief that pursuing justice and mercy is the highest goal we can aim for.

My belief in justice and mercy was one of the reasons I was drawn to the Episcopal Church, and St. Luke’s in particular. When I first came to St. Luke’s and read the words at the bottom of the service bulletin, “Ministers: the People of St. Luke’s,” I knew I was in a place where God’s love could grow in community.

Small as we have become, I believe those words describe St. Luke’s still.

Small as we have become, it is always the season for pursuing justice and mercy.

“Small as we have become.” Here are some number facts which, I’m sure, will not surprise you. In the last 10 years the number of pledges has decreased by more than half. The amount pledged has also decreased by about half, despite many of you generously increasing your pledge amounts. Please prayerfully consider your pledge to St.Luke’s as the Vestry formulates a budget that will keep our red doors open with enough left over to continue to share with our community and the wider world “to make the world better.” Perhaps, we could each increase our pledge by the amount a record album cost in 1969.


Belinda Whipple Worth

For the Vestry of St. Luke’s

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