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Our Mission Statement:

"To promote the well-being and successful development of children and youth served by Vermont’s Agency of Human Services, Family Services Division through creating and supporting partnerships between faith communities and human service organizations."

St. Luke's PINS program asks social workers to voice the needs of the children on their caseloads, needs that would other wise likely go unheard and unmet.  This insight allows St. Luke's to give a focused and immediate response to these local young victims of neglect, abuse, and family stress.  PINS is an important vehicle for putting our faith into action, and all of our PINS activities involves the entire St. Luke's congregation in reaching out to help the vulnerable children within the community.  

Here at St. Luke’s, in the late summer, we put together dozens and dozens of back-to-school backpacks each filled with school items appropriate for all the different age groups from K - 12th grade.  We are also on an “on-call” status, and in the past we have assisted with financial aid for a youngster to attend a summer camp as an example.

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