Ministries beyond St. Luke's

Many parishioners are active in pastoral care. In 2010 as a part of our StewardshipCampaign, the parish developed “Our Giving Tree,” which highlighted individual efforts in the wider community. It was displayed in our sanctuary where parishioners were encouraged to create and share their own passions for community service. Over the course of the fall, the tree continued to grow fruit as individuals added their ministries.

Below are some of the ministries in communities beyond St.Luke's:


•Bonnie & Lew W cook and deliver meals for neighbors in time of need
•Marcia L is a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem in the Vermont courts
•Marcia C is Health Officer in the town of Windham
•Linda D volunteers with the Christian Vegetarian Assoc. for justice
•Neil T volunteers with Christian Vegetarian Association for justice
•Tom & Eileen W volunteer on Bromley Mountan Ski Patrol 18-27 hrs/wk.
•Eileen W is a trustee for the Windham Public Library
•Janet & Rick H sing in the Springfield Community Chorus
•Rick H teaches mirror makers and judging at Springfield Telescope Makers
•Cindy RW organizes Operation Christmas Child and Letters to Soldiers.
•Bonnie J is Town Treasurer for Marlborogh, NH and School District
•David & Marjorie C volunteer weekly at Chester-Andover Family Centre

•Sanford J is Co-Chair on Marlborough Zoning Board of Appeals